Herpetological Conservation and Biology Volume 10, Issue 3

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New Issue Announcement
Volume 10, Issue 3 December 2015

The Editorial Staff at Herpetological Conservation and Biology is pleased to announce the release of the latest issue, Volume 10(3).  Commemorating and celebrating 10 years of publishing, this issue contains 2 editorials and 21 research articles. Please take a moment to enjoy all of the great photos that correspond to the respective contributions in our online photo gallery. Also, please take a moment to join our mailing list or growing community on Facebook.  Signing up will ensure you receive the latest news and updates about Herpetological Conservation and Biology!

All of our publications are open-access and freely available to anyone interested, and continue to enjoy wide readership. The Board of Directors extends its thanks to authors and readers alike, as our success is only made possible by your continued support.

Volume 10, Issue 3 (December 2015)


Editor Promotions and Additions in Chelonian Section.
R. Bruce Bury

Herpetological Conservation and Biology in our Tenth Year.
Board of Directors

Research Articles
Qualitative Analysis of Factors Influencing the Diversity and Spatial Distribution of Herpetofauna in Chakwal Tehsil (Chakwal District), Punjab, Pakistan.
Muhammad Rais, Ayesha Akram, Syeda Maria Ali, Muhammad Arslan Asadi, Misbah Jahangir, Muhammad Jawad Jilani, and Maqsood Anwar

Does Habitat Disturbance Affect the Behaviors of Appalachian Stream Salamanders?
Margaret Bliss and Kristen K. Cecala

Amphibian Trophic Ecology In Increasingly Human-altered Wetlands.
Javier Alejandro López, Pablo Augusto Scarabotti, and Romina Ghirardi

Lack of Defensive Alkaloids in the Integumentary Tissue of Four Brilliantly Colored African Reed Frog Species (Hyperoliidae: Hyperolius).
Daniel M. Portik, Lauren A. Scheinberg, David C. Blackburn, and Ralph A. Saporito

Population Structure, Size, and Activity Patterns of Phrynosoma blainvillii in the San Joaquin Desert of California.
Susan M. Hult and David J. Germano

Habitat Use and Home Range of Phrynosoma blainvillii in the San Joaquin Desert of California.
Susan M. Hult and David J. Germano

Breeding Phenology and Habitat Use of Amphibians in the Drawdown Zone of a Hydroelectric Reservoir.
Kelly D. Swan, Virgil C. Hawkes, and Patrick T. Gregory

Spatial Variability of Nile Crocodiles (Crocodylus niloticus) in the Lower Zambezi River Reaches.
Vincent R. Nyirenda

Population Density of the Florida Scrub Lizard (Sceloporus woodi) in Managed Florida Scrub and Longleaf Pine Sandhill Habitats.
Matthew D. Kaunert, and Lance D. McBrayer

Indirect Monitoring of a Rare Lizard: Effects of Sampling Intensity, Season, and Management Practices.
Carol E. Rizkalla, Earl D. McCoy, Eric J. Britt, and Henry R. Mushinsky

Geographically Varying Habitat Characteristics of a Wide-ranging Amphibian, the Common Spadefoot Toad (Pelobates fuscus), in Northern Europe.
Riinu Rannap, Tanel Kaart, Lars L. Iversen, Wouter De Vries, and Lars Briggs

High Prevalence and Seasonal Persistence of Amphibian Chytrid Fungus Infections in the Desert-dwelling Amargosa Toad, Anaxyrus nelsoni.
Matthew J. Forrest, Matthew S. Edwards, Rebeca Rivera, Jon C. Sjöberg, and Jef R. Jaeger

Mudpuppy (Necturus maculosus maculosus) Spatial Distribution, Breeding Water Depth, and Use of Artificial Spawning Habitat in the Detroit River.
Jaquelyn M. Craig, David A. Mifsud, Andrew S. Briggs, James Boase, and Greg Kennedy

Aspidoscelis tigris septentrionalis (Burger, 1950), Plateau Tiger Whiptail, in the Western United States: Individual, Ontogenetic, and Geographic Variation In Color Pattern.
James M. Walker, James E. Cordes, Glenn J. Manning, and Brian K. Sullivan

First Ecological Assessment of the Endangered Crocodile Lizard, Shinisaurus crocodilurus, Ahl, 1930 in Vietnam: Microhabitat Characterization and Habitat Selection.
Mona van Schingen, Cuong The Pham, Hang An Thi, Truong Quang Nguyen, Marta Bernardes, Michael Bonkowski, and Thomas Ziegler

Analysis of Population Density and Distribution of Spectacled Caiman (Caiman crocodilus) in Caño Palma, Northeast Costa Rica.
Luis M. Fernández, Manuel Arias, and Emily S. Khazan

Nesting Mounds with Protective Boxes and an Electric Wire as Tools to Mitigate Diamond-Backed Terrapin (Malaclemys terrapin) Nest Predation.
Daniel P. Quinn, S. Michelle Kaylor, Terry M. Norton, and Kurt A. Buhlmann

Description of Fall and Winter Movements of the Introduced American Bullfrog (Lithobates catesbeianus) in a Montana, USA, Pond.
Adam J. Sepulveda and Megan Layhee

Introduced Amphibians and Reptiles in the Cuban Archipelago.
Rafael Borroto-Páez, Roberto Alonso Bosch, Boris A. Fabres, and Osmany Alvarez García

Effects of Temperature on Spectral Preferences of Female Gray Treefrogs (Hyla versicolor).
Sarah C. Humfeld and Brice Grunert

Lizards and Snakes in the Historical Faid Protected Area (Faid Hema), Ha'il Region, Saudi Arabia.
Ahmed M. Alshammari and Adel A. Ibrahim

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