Temporary Biologist Position Available, Inwater Research Group

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WWW Link: http://inwater.org/projects/projects-overview/st-lucie-power-plant-sea-turtle-program/
Must start May, 2015 – September,15, 2015
Jensen Beach, FL
Background Information
Focusing on sea turtles during their oceanic life stages, Inwater Research Group offers unique opportunities to perform research in relatively unstudied areas. Currently, we are looking to hire a temporary biologist for the summer of 2015.
Biologist will work in a team on a number of projects in and around the southeastern United States. Biologist will base work out of the St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant where the majority (90%+) of work will be conducted. Check out our website www.inwater.org for more information on the types of projects we are involved in.
Masters or bachelors degree in a biology field.

Extensive experience handling and restraining wild, healthy sea turtles (preferably adults) is required.

Must be comfortable with lifting, pushing, pulling and carrying heavy weights regularly exceeding 100lbs.

Must be an excellent swimmer and comfortable in and around boats.
Much of our work is done at a industrial site and one must be conscious of the safety of themselves and others around them.

Must have valid drivers license.
Experience working with tangle nets is desired.

Freediving experience is desired.

Experience handling large marine animals (sharks, goliath groupers, stingrays, etc.) is desired.

Flexibility for odd, unexpected and long working hours, including occasional travel is desired.
Pay will be $15 an hour with opportunities for overtime.
Additional Contact Information

To Apply:

Please submit a cover letter, resume/CV and three references to Ryan Welsh (rwelsh@inwater.org)

Application materials must be emailed by April 10, 2015.

***Applicants lacking adequate experience or application materials will not be considered***
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