ISTS35- Dalaman, Mugla-Turkey (19-24 April 2015)

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The Annual Symposium on Sea Turtle Biology and Conservation, hosted every year by the International Sea Turtle Society (ISTS), is a unique event that draws participants from around the world, from across disciplines and cultures to a common interest and objective: the conservation of sea turtles and their environment. The Symposium encourages discussion, debate, and the sharing of knowledge, research techniques and lessons in conservation, to address questions on the biology and conservation of sea turtles and their habitats. Next year, the 35th Annual Symposium will be held from 19-24 April 2015 at Hilton Hotel- Dalaman, Mugla-Turkey.
We have decided the theme of the symposium is “Hospitality”; to host all the turtle people from around the world, bringing everyone together and “bridging the civilizations” to reflect Turkey, as a country bridging  Europe, Asia and Africa.
We are planning to publish selected papers as a special issue of the SCI Indexed Journal ( In addition to the regular sessions, we are also holding the 5th Mediterranean Conference on Marine Turtles ( during the 35th Symposium. The tentative Symposium program consists of 8 workshops and 18 sessions, in addition to several regional meetings.
Besides the regular sessions normally held at past Symposia, specific to the meeting in Turkey, as 23rd April is “World Children Day” special sessions will be allocated for children’s activities. Without a doubt, today’s children are the future sea turtle researchers and conservationists, and so we need to ensure that we pass our mission on to the younger generation. Bring your family to Turkey, or organize a children’s activity in your home country to coincide with the activities planned for the 2015 Symposium.
International Sea Turtle Society welcomes you take part in the organization, present your work at the symposium as a paper and/or a poster. As an organizing committee, we try to put international people together in each committee, so if you keen on helping us feel free to suggest yourself or others for any position.
We are also planning different workshops on specific topics (Rehabilitation, GIS….etc). Please suggest to us if you keen on organizing such workshops on topics of interest.
The hotel has a main conference room for 1000 seats and two others for 200 and 300 respectively. There are many small rooms up to 50 people for specific meetings and small working groups.
We have decided to host all participants at the all inclusive Hilton Hotel where the price includes food, drink and accommodation. We will announce further details later but you can find the main information on our web-page.

We have also put together the Society’s symposium web-page, where details of registration, payment and submission of abstracts can be found. The current page is  
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