2 Post-Doctoral Positions (Hawaii)

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NOAA Fisheries – Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center is hiring 2 postdocs in partnership with the National Academy of Sciences, National Research Council to do marine turtle research. The positions will be based in Hawaii, with opportunities for field research and travel, and salary is competitive. Some experience with sea turtles is preferred, but is not required. The positions are currently listed for a term of one year, with plans for annual review and renewal, and a total duration of no more than three years. Individuals must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

Ocean Ecosystem Indicators for Sea Turtle Bycatch and Juvenile Recruitment This project will focus on developing ecosystem indicators for juvenile recruitment and bycatch for leatherback, hawksbill, green, olive ridley, and loggerhead sea turtles. The bulk of work will be analyzing a variety of empirical data streams—including fisheries interactions, satellite tracks, and behavioral data from biotelemetry devices—to describe the pelagic habits and habitats of juvenile turtles. The spatiotemporal scale and variability of such oceanographic factors are influential for sea turtle population dynamics and forecasting extinction risk. The successful applicant will possess a range of capabilities in geospatial analysis, remote sensing, oceanography, biotelemetry, animal movements, and quantitative modeling. A link to the full position description with
details on how to apply is here.


Abundance and Distribution of Sea Turtles in the Pacific Islands This project focuses on analyzing an extensive database of spatially-referenced in-water sea turtle surveys from the western and south Pacific. The bulk of the work will be in developing quantitative tools to understand the abundance and distribution of insular Pacific sea turtles from these data. There will be additional opportunities available to collaborate on ongoing projects, including in-water sea turtle capture/tagging in Hawaii and laboratory analyses. The successful applicant will possess a range of analytical/modeling capabilities including time series analysis, population abundance estimation, confidence interval generation, accounting for environment and effort
co-factors, probability theory, and geospatial analysis. A link to the full position description with details on how to apply is here.


More about the Program...
The Marine Turtle Assessment Group at NOAA’s Pacific Islands Fisheries
Science Center does in-water and nesting beach research throughout the
Pacific Islands region and is responsible for analysis and assessment of
population status. Our research includes population ecology, climatic
effects, epidemiology, historical ecology, physiology, and life history
and is essentially divided between gathering and analyzing empirical data
relevant for US Endangered Species Act processes such as Biological
Opinions and Status Reviews. Contact Kyle Van Houtan
(kyle.vanhoutan@noaa.gov) or T. Todd Jones (todd.jones@noaa.gov) for more
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