13 Things You Can Do To Protect Sea Turtle

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Olive ridley hatchlings on Kuta Beach Bali
  1. Read more about sea turtles and encourage your school to do projects on sea turtle conservation
  2. Reduce your use of plastic and dispose of it properly.What goes into our gutter often ends up in our oceans.
  3. Find out the number of your local wildlife care and carry it with you always.
  4. Encourage your parents to drive their boats slowly in shallow sea grass and coral reef area, if you can't go round them
  5. Don't throw tangled fishing line, hooks or bait bags into the water and pick up any you see
  6. Don't eat sea turtle meat or eggs when travelling overseas, or buy products made from turtle shell
  7. Don't release ballons. Turtle will eat them thinking they're jellyfish, and this can kill them
  8. Global warming threatens turtle. Reduce electricity consumption and all other energy use
  9. If you live in in an indigenous community where people hunt turtle to eat, encourage the hunters not to take adult turtles, but to take turtles less than 90cm carapace length
  10. Shade lights so light doesn't shine on the beach. Better still, turn them off
  11.  Don't let dogs run loose on turtle beaches, as they can disturb nesting turtles or eat the hatchlings.
  12. promote programs that control feral animals. Wild pigs and foxes destroymany turtle nests and hatchling.
  13. Make sure your sea food comes from sustainable fisheries that use
 turtle friendly methods
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