Sea Turtle Watching on National Park in Indonesia

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There are, at present, seven species of turtle in the world. Six of them are found in Indonesia , particularly in national park areas where they have hatching sites. The six species are the leatherback turtle ( Dermocl'ielys coriacea ), the common green turtle ( Chelonia mydas ), the loggerhead turtle ( Caretlu caretta ), the flatback turtle ( Natator depressa ), the hawksbill turtle ( Eretmochelys imbricata ) and the Pacific ridley turtle LepidocheIys olivacea ). The leatherback turtle is the biggest, with a body length of 2 metres and a weight of up to 500 kg. In contrast, the Pacific riciley is the smallest turtle species, weighing less than 50kg.

The national parks most frequently visited by these turtle species for the purpose of hatching are Kepulauan Seribu, Meru Betiri, Alas Purwo, Komodo, Bunaken, Taka Bonerate, Manusela and Teluk Cendrawasi National Parks . International attention has been focused on the turtles for their vast home range (from Indonesia to Australia ) and their high economic value both for consumption and for souvenirs or ornaments.

A range of conservation efforts are being made to protect the turtles from extinction. One such effort is hatching turtle eggs and breeding baby turtles until t1i reach a certain size and are ready to be released to the natural habitat. The can be witnessed in Kepulauan Seribu and Meru Betiri National Parks .

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