National Park Aketajawe Lolobata

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National Park Aketajawe Lolobata is a protected forest which combines 2 separated main areas (group of Aketajawane and Group of Lolobata), and has both species and habitat from biogeography unit of Halmahera management unit. The expected conservation from the combination of these areas are:
-protection against ecosystem biodiversity representative and from lowland up to the upland, and covering the native representative of important on shore habitat in Halmahera Island.
-The protection of community watershed, agriculture industry and other, nevertheless this area is the best choice of Tugutil forest community to sustain their traditional life.


Aketajawe – Lolobata is a newly National park, and it has not management unit to responsible, therefore the management temporarily is under management of BKSDA Maluku, as technique unit of implementation of Directorate General of Forest Protection and nature Conservation, Forestry Dept
TOURISM This conservation are has amazing landscape and potentially to attract tourist, i.e., landscape, waterfall, and Birds attraction in their native habitat, research location and community’s traditional culture. Tugutil traditional culture is one of the potential tourism attractions from this area, including their knowledge in benefiting medicine plantations. For the adventurers who attracted in panorama and birds, the place is heaven for birds. The area is the place of 4 of 5 bird species that globally threaten to extinct, not to mention as a place for birds with high economy value, such as Halmahera Angel (Semioptera wallacei) and white cockatoo (cacatua alba) HISTORY OF THE AREA - in 1981, the Indonesian National Conservation Plan proposed 4 cconservation area of Halmahera, they are: Aketajawe, Lolobata, Saketa and Gamkonora Mountain. - In 1993, the plan of Indonesian Biodiversity Implementation had recommended all on-shore habitat, one most recommended wa Lolobata with capacity of approximate to 89.000 ha. - In 1999, the forest area of Aketajawe and Lolobata including most forest within area are proposed to be altered into National park. - In 1999, the dimension of forest area in Maluku was approximate to 7.264.707 ha assigned for forest area, including protected forest, limited production forest, and permanent productionwithin Aketajawane and Lolobata forests group in Central Halmahera, Tidore, East Halmahera Island. - In 2004, most of protected forest and Permanent Production Forest within Aketajawe forest group has the area approximate to 77.1000 hectar in Central Halmahera Regency and City of Tidore Island, and Lolobata group has the area approximate to 90.200 ha, comprise from protected forest of approximate 6.075 ha in east Halmahera, Province of North Maluku (total area 167.300 ha), functionally had been altered as National Park Aketajawe – lolobata How to reach the Park: 1. Lolobata From Ternate, the location can be reach by speed boat (3/4 hours) and then continue by driving to Daru (around 2 hours). After Daru, the trip can be continue by Boat to Poli/Subaim (around 1.5 h) 2. Aketejawe From Ternate, the trip is initate by speed boating for half an hour to bastiong, and then driving for 2 hours to Daru, before to continue to Gita by boat (approx to 3 h). finally the location will be reach after driving for 3 hours to Akejira / Hijrah Office : Kantor balai Konservasi Sumberdaya Alam Maluku Jl. Pandan Kesturi, Ambon telp ( 09111)343619

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