The Inseparable Sea Turtles and Bali Island

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Bali Island is famous for the international tourism destinations with picturesque landscapes and beautiful beaches, including the Kuta Beach which becomes one of the nesting sites of the ancient and endangered marine animal, sea turtle. ProFauna Indonesia has been working for the protection of sea turtles starting from relocating the eggs to release the hatchings to the sea as well as campaigning against the illegal wildlife trade.

Especially for the field project with the nesting sea turtles on Kuta Beach, there have been 92 egg clutches, consisting of 8,725 eggs, found and relocated to the hatchery facilities. 57 sea turtle mothers have been flipper-tagged and 7,810 hatchlings or sea turtle babies have been released to the sea. The interesting facts are that 9 nesting mothers came on the beach with recovery tags, one of which nested and laid eggs for three times for this season. Previously, ProFauna recorded that a mother would come twice at the most, to nest and lay eggs in a season. A mother also breaks the record for laying the most eggs which is 177 from 160. Compared to 2009, the number of the relocated eggs and released hatchlings increases 56%. ProFauna's another project site is located at Tegal Besar Beach, which is 30 kilometers from Kuta Beach. This year, there have been 1,858 eggs relocated and 1,600 hatchlings released, 60% increase from 2009.

For the third time, ProFauna with security guards of Kuta Beach (locally known as Satgas Pantai Kuta, the local community whom ProFauna works with on the field project), joined the parade of Kuta Karnival, a commemoration of Bali Bombing victims in 2001, on 3rd October 2010. More news on ProFauna's participations in Kuta Karnival in 2008 and in 2009 are in the following links:

In the parade, the team put a giant sea turtle statue on the top of truck and a banner saying Save The Sea Turtle on the side.

Kode Banner/Iklan Anda Di sini !
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